One Nation, One Team

“Sports don’t matter because of who wins, sports win because of the hope they give other people.”

Okay I’ll address your first question, yes I care about winning in sports. The whole reason to train, practice, lift weights, and compete is to win the competition. But teams and individuals that lose can still give hope to other people, and that is why all sports matter.

Check Twitter or Facebook during the Olympics and you will see a lot more posts about country pride and more specifically USA pride. I have plenty of pride in my country and especially all the incredible athletes that we send to the Olympics. I enjoy drinking Budweiser and wearing any and all USA gear, but that’s because of the respect and hope for this country that I have.

I have friends and family that have served or continue to serve in our armed forces and words cannot describe how much I respect that. Seriously, I searched the internet(and the dictionary) and couldn’t find any words that accurately describe the respect that I have My friends and family that have served hopefully know that. But I don’t have that pride and wear that clothing to try and be cool. I wear  things like a USA basketball shirt because of how awesome it is to see a group of large ego’s(and professional paychecks) can come together to consistently win gold medals. I wear a USA hat made by a company called Compete Every Day because I believe as Americans we should compete every day to be the best we can be for ourselves, our families, and our country. I wear an shirt that says American Made on the back because not only was that shirt made in the USA but I am too. And made in America means something to me.

Olympic Matt

Just as Aly Raisman and all the USA gymnasts did 2 years ago…Chloe Kim, 17 year old snowboarder will give kids hope that they can one day be an Olympian. She will also teach us that sometimes your biggest fans are your family, and also to always finish your breakfast sandwich. Speaking of family, the only Mom that is a part of team USA won Gold in cross country skiing, which is the first medal in that sport for team USA ever!

Mikaela Shiffrin will give the same hope to kids that they can compete and succeed at the highest level. The US Womens National Hockey Team will be battling for Gold later tonight and show that sometimes you have to go through your biggest rival to win Gold.

Shaun White and Lindsey Vonn will show that setbacks do not define you, and will give people hope that their legacy will not be known for failing. That their prime isn’t past them.

There are countless other stories with all the athletes from all the countries competing. The shirtless Tongan guy is not just a ripped dude with oil on him, he qualified for the summer AND winter Olympics! How cool is that!? I am happy if I can walk through the parking lot and not slip on the ice to my car!

There is a commercial that is airing during the broadcasts that declare that sport brings us together and can give us a medium in which to connect with people that are not exactly like us. It asks us to join team USA during the Olympics. I for one will join them and root on each and every one of our athletes.

I think the Olympics also show how so many different countries can come together and speak the same language of sports. A halfpipe is a halfpipe no matter where it’s built, 1500m is 1500m everywhere. These athletes are all at the pinnacle of the sports and are able to respectfully compete against each other for the top prize, a Gold freaking medal!

There is a Physical Therapist that works at the Wexner Medical Center that competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics and actually helped team USA win the Silver Medal. I can now say that my coworker is an Olympian and that is super dope. She was quoted in an article about her experience in Vancouver that perfectly captures the spirit of the Olympics.

“The Olympics display all that is amazing about the human race—strength, courage, spirit, passion, honor, determination, the list goes on and on. I absolutely loved being a part of this peaceful, worldwide celebration of the human spirit.” – Karen Thatcher

It might be hard to think that we are even a Team USA, what with the shootings occuring in our schools, and when even the American Olympians are annoyed with how the flag bearing is determined for the opening ceremony. But I believe that team USA exists. And I believe that the sports we will watch through the end of the Olympics have the ability to bring us together as one team. Team USA.