For Those About To Rock

Let me ask you a question.

What is your favorite song to rock out to?

Not a song that you can play when your coworkers get in your car to go to lunch that you know won’t offend anyone. No soft rock music station song. I’m talking about a song that as soon as you hear it, you crank that SOB up as loud as you possible can.

You sing along until you sing a note completely wrong…then you sing even louder. (never done that, by the way.)

A song that makes you think air drumming in the car is a good idea; let me tell you…from what I’ve heard and I emphasize heard, it isn’t.

One that when you listen to it, you think that it might actually blow the speakers out…and for however long that song lasts it doesn’t matter to you if they do because you are so lost in the music.

I’m hoping that there are plenty of songs that you are thinking of right now. Probably thinking of the specific times and memories where what I just described actually happened. There is usually a situation attached to these songs.

It could be at The O Patio (RIP, eventually) on a Weds. night in college and “Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show comes on. Of course you find your friends and you clear the vocal cords.

“For Those About To Rock….*Cannon Fire* WE SALUTE YOU……Whoa-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh.” and if you aren’t dancing around and singing to that at the Blue Jackets game you clearly are not defending NWA.

Maybe you are in the car driving with your best friends at 3AM and none of you can fall asleep…and then all the sudden “Can’t Stop” by RHCP comes on. You all say a quick prayer for your ear drums and then all four of you start belting that song out like you are on stage in front of a million people.

Or picture that you are on your way to an interview for your dream job and “Lose Yourself” by Eminem comes on. You turn into one of the transcendent rappers of your generation and you rap out every single word to get yourself in the moment.

I know one that every Buckeye fan, and at this point every football fan who has been to a stadium, will love to hear on a Saturday and that one is “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. Bobby Vegas is still Buckeye Bouncing from the first time we heard it in 2009 in The ‘Shoe.

“Rocky Top”, “Fight On”, “Anchors Away”, and of course: “Buckeye Battle Cry”, “Fight the Team”, and really anything played by The Ohio State Marching Band. All songs that get turned up rather loudly when they come on.

For all of these songs that you crank as loud as possible, there are plenty of songs that will require a much more peaceful mindset in order to enjoy the way they were meant to enjoy. “The Architect” by O.A.R. is one that comes to my mind. “Just a Feeling” by Maroon 5. “I Drive Your Truck” by Lee Brice. There are plenty of songs that don’t belong over the loud speakers of your favorite stadium.

But you still get lost in these songs that are meant for long peaceful drives just the same as you do as the loud party fuel songs that used to bump through your college house.

I’m used to those types of songs…the ones that you can’t wait to play for your friends during a celebration. I’m used to that type of living as well: nonstop, can’t sleep, got somewhere to go and not enough time to get there kind of life. It certainly has gotten me into some trouble at times in my life but I’m slowly learning that both of these kinds of songs are worth getting lost in.

But this Saturday we have the opportunity to get lost in a different type of song. Saturday will be the first night game this year in the Horseshoe and yes, we will be able to Buckeye Bounce as much as we would like. Just don’t spill anything on a purse in front of you that belongs to a lady in a fur coat (shameless plug, read my last post because that happened to me.)

We, the 12th man of Buckeye Football will be asked this coming Saturday by players and coaches alike to get the Horseshoe rocking. Night games at Ohio Stadium have become much more frequent now that Urban Meyer is our head coach but in my mind that does not take anything away from how amazing they are. The many traditions that Ohio State already has along with other awe inducing features that happen when kickoff happens late at night should make it “Harder To Breathe.”

Now beware…I speak from experience here, but late kickoffs can also mean a little too much time to listen to your freshmen year Bangerz playlist that I definitely have never made(I made one), that someone made in the dorms freshmen year(it was me.) It gives you a little too much time to rock as hard as you can if you catch me. I too still love to jam to “Opposite of Adults” by Chiddy Bang on occasion but there is no need to play that before 3:37PM this Saturday. There is no need to create an all-day playlist of 537 songs to listen to. Who would do such a thing? Just kidding, where my River Rats at?? But seriously, don’t make one for Saturday. You will need to start it at approximately 34 hours before kickoff.

The best song we hear all night on Saturday will hopefully be the sound of the team singing Carmen Ohio after going 2-0. We have already seen in this college football season that no matter what the score is that the game ain’t over till it’s over. So if you are going to the game you should know that “You Get What You Give”: cheer loud, stay till Carmen, and lose your voice as well as yourself in the moment.

As always, Go Bucks! Beat OU!


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