And Not To Yield

2016 is almost over. I say again, 2016 is almost over.

I am sure that many of you are very happy about that fact too. It seems like every day this year something unfortunate has happened. Loved Celebrity deaths, senseless violence, and Cincinnati sports can still be classified as miserable but at least Cleveland did well this year!

I know that a lot of people are going to take the New Year celebration to forget about 2016 but I think that we need to look back at 2016, pour some out for the sad but celebrate the good, and if we think about it there really was a lot of good that happened in 2016.

I said the following line in my post last year at this time and I hold the same thoughts for 2017. Shameless plug for all my other posts assuming you like this one, and in my humble opinion…you should.

“This post is about a reflection period and then an overwhelming feeling that 2016 is about to be huge.”

There are a number of things we can do in 2017 to make this next year a successful one. A majority of you reading this will probably make New Year’s resolutions for a multitude of reasons and that is a great thing! I have seen a lot of articles and posts that New Year’s resolutions are dumb because if you want to make a change, make it today. I agree with the notion that any day you can make a change in your life. But I also love the ability to take a deep breath, reflect on the past year, and get ready for the next chapter in the book of life.

I am going to keep with the theme of quoting my favorite poet in my New Year’s post (2 shameless plugs in one post? You know we got it). This one is I think a solid guide on how we should use the resolutions that we make, and in general how we should live life.

“To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” –Alfred Lord Tennyson

New Year’s resolutions are great but only if they work, and for them to work they need to last longer than 2 months. We all want to work out more in 2017, we all want to eat healthier, we all want to go skydiving(right?) but there needs to be a relentless pursuit of accomplishing these goals.

I think that one of the coolest things about the human brain and soul is that all of us are looking for something all the time, oftentimes not telling anyone about it. Whether it is love, adventure, or even just a good book, we are all searching. Continue that search in 2017 because the reward for finding whatever it is you are looking for is great. Then find something else to search for.

The end of that line from the poem Ulysses is the best part of the whole poem. “And not to yield.” Those 4 words almost get me as fired up as hearing an “Michigan lost yet again.” Do not yield in the pursuit of accomplishing your goals for 2017, or succeeding in keeping your new years resolutions. Do not yield. Do not let anything stop you from succeeding in 2017. There are going to be too many things that are going to happen that will generally be out of our control. That is inevitable. Control what you can control and Do. Not. Yield.

This life was not meant to be slogged through. We are meant to be living lives full of meaning. I have not quoted any scripture in these posts but I absolutely love this line of scripture:

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” John 10:10

There will be thieves out there in the world in 2017. Trying to steal our happiness, but we cannot let them permanently own that happiness. You have control over your happiness in 2017, own it! Winston Churchill once urged us to “Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” The thieves might seem like a formidable enemy, but if I was a betting man I would go all in on you to succeed.

In also keeping with tradition of seeing parallels with life and the Ohio State football team, do you think we would be playing later today in the Tostitos Bowl if we had yielded? (Battlefrog and Playstation can go home, it’s always going to be Tostitos to me.) Just like everyone did in 2016, Ohio State suffered a setback. We lost in the sea of white clad crazy Nittany Lions. You know what happened after that? We kicked some ass the rest of the year and are now playing for all the Tostitos…and also a National Championship. The Buckeyes did not yield in their relentless pursuit for a bag of chips…I mean a National Championship. You shouldn’t either.

Strive to accomplish your goals and resolutions, seek to learn more about yourself and the world you live in, find something you are passionate about, and do not yield in your relentless pursuit of success.

Now it’s time for me to lose my voice for the last time in 2016 cheering my Buckeyes on to victory. Don’t worry, I’ll save some to sing Carmen Ohio as the ball drops and we begin 2017.

As always, GO BUCKS! Beat Clemson!



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