Buckeye Strong

In the past three days I have experienced firsthand two of the most memorable events of my life as a Buckeye. One was the one that you expect me to talk about since this blog very consistently talks about Ohio State athletics. It was the victory over our rival in the horseshoe in a very improbable comeback. That game showed me what over 100 thousand people screaming at the same time can do(hint, its literally to create an earthquake.)

But the other memorable event absolutely transcends any sort of football game. As yesterday morning started, news started rolling in of a potential shooter on the campus of The Ohio State University. From the initial confusion to the absolute terror for all my friends and family that could be on campus, it was a moment that I was not ready for. It did not make sense at first because it never crosses your mind that something like this could happen at a place you consider home.

I began gathering news from all potential sources: Twitter, Facebook, the local news sites. I finally was able to get a link to the police scanner and began listening. I started retweeting tweets in hope that anyone on campus that followed me would see the advice and live updates and that it might help. I started texting everyone I knew to ensure their safety. As most of you know the man responsible for this attack is now dead, shot by a hero the University, the city, and the state of Ohio.

I just got done writing a post about perspective on trivial things in life, but these events have really put into perspective what matters and what does not. The healing has just begun for this campus and the victims of this attack. For something so tragic to come on the heels of something so full of joy is shocking. However, the thing that both of these events showed me is just how amazing Buckeye Nation is.

It is one thing to have over 100 thousand screaming fans at a football game. It is an entire other to have 60,000 students, countless employees, and an entire alumni group that numbers about half a million all pull together. It has shown that no matter if the situation is joyful or tragic, we will always be Buckeye Strong.

Go Bucks.










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