Let’s Have Some Fun.


I am not talking about the Pitbull song.

Although if Midway happens to be blasting it as you walk by this coming Saturday at 3:44pm when Zeke breaks one for six…then sure, I am talking about that song.

Do you guys remember last year? Last year was the best…our Buckeyes rode into the sunset as champions of the first ever College Football Playoff.

59-0, 42-35, 42-20.

Incredible, miraculous, absurd, 12-GAUGE, ZEEEEKE, URBAN!

Those are all words to describe last year’s Buckeye squad. We were playing with house money as DJ Byrnes of ElevenWarriors.com liked to say. It was not supposed to happen that way. Not after that infamous 7 yard out that brought XBrax1 to the practice turf in pain. Not after TTUN attempted, and failed once again, to rip the Buckeyes’ dreams apart along with JT Barrett’s ankle. Not after we were tasked with facing the Big Bad Wolf that was Alabama.

But we all know the script which somehow played out even though Hollywood wouldn’t have had the guts to write it up that way.

I don’t want to anger anyone here, but last year is over. It lives in the form of Blu Ray – DVD combo packs, BTN reruns, and memories of exactly where you were when Cardale launched missiles directly into the heart of the south.

That brings me to the point of this post. After last weeks thrashing of Hawaii, our players had to apologize for not kicking Hawaii’s a$$ by enough. I am pretty sure that is the only time I have ever heard a guy who scored three(THREE!) touchdowns in a game get asked why his team didn’t play well enough.

Back in 2002 I went to the Buckeye’s game against San Jose State. It was Jim Tressel’s second year coaching our beloved Buckeyes and we all were still trying to figure out why he loved the punt so much. Before a (then) record crowd at Ohio Stadium, I got to see the Bucks. I had no expectations going into that game other than I couldn’t wait to see the band,and couldn’t wait to see Maurice Clarett tote the damn rock. I thought we would win, sure, but wasn’t predicting scores at all.

You remember how many points we put up?

50!!!! FIFTY!! Halfway to a hundred!!

My dad and I couldn’t believe it. We beat them 50-7 and it was amazing. Tresselball was fun! I love to punt too! Lets get 50 points every game and we can also punt it 50 times!

To think that the margin of victory was “only” 43 points that day, and to compare reactions from that game to the 38-0  Buckeye donut run that we took the Rainbow Warriors on blows my mind.

I do not think anyone asked Maurice Clarett why the offense didn’t play as well as they should have. I really don’t think anyone came home after that and wondered if we could beat an SEC team.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that 2002 Ohio State is so much different from 2015 Ohio State that it is tough to draw actual parallels. What I am trying to say is that all 104,892 fans that day had a bunch of fun inside the confines of the ‘Shoe.

What I am asking of fans this year is to do the same.

The Buckeyes score a TD? Chest bump your neighbor! Buy someone a drink! Yell “Go Bucks” at everyone you see! Start singing Hang On Sloopy! Act as if that is the last Buckeye TD your tired old eyes will ever see. Breaking into a song about how many damns you give about that state up north is also ALWAYS acceptable as well.

Then hopefully within 5 minutes, do it again!!

The Silver Bullets are back! We have ZEKE! Braxton Miller is catching passes!  Did you ever think you would see Braxton Miller catching passes??

You get my point. We are sitting in the Toys ‘R Us of college football playmakers with no parents around (NOOO PARENTS) and we are complaining that there are too many toys to play with.

Fellow Buckeyes: Your mission is clear. It is to watch every Buckeye game from here on out with 2 goals in mind.

1. Win the Damn Game

2. Have fun

That’s it.

Not hard, not at all.

Let the media ask their questions. After all, that is their job. Our job can be summarized below in the words of a pretty well known song:

Smash thru to victory,
We’ll cheer you as you go;

Let’s go out there today and have the most fun we’ve had as fans since…..well since last Saturday. Chest bump your neighbors, high five everyone, and get ready to see the Buckeyes score some points!




Let’s Feel Young Again

In old Ohio (Columbus) there’s a team,

That’s known thru-out the land;

Eleven warriors, brave and bold,

Whose fame will ever stand,

And when the ball goes over,

Our cheers will reach the sky,

Ohio Field will hear again

The Buckeye Battle Cry.

Think about the last time you felt young. Like really really young. Like you were a kid again. I am willing to bet you are thinking of a memory of being young. This might consist of driving through your hometown and recalling something you did at an earlier age. Maybe it was the spot on the Oval that you used to hang out at (and skip class in the process!) It could be seeing an old friend that you haven’t seen in ages.

You get the point. Those are memories of when we once were young. As we come hurdling towards fall once again a lot of things start to change. The leaves turn colors. The weather gets cooler. Everyone start drinking Pumpkin Spice Lattes. BUT the best thing that happens is that College Football returns. Most importantly, my Buckeyes play once again and that is what makes me feel young again.

For all my Buckeye brethren, we have a very unique season ahead of us. The uniqueness of this season has everything to do with the 9 Unit Strong Freight Train that rolled through the College Football Playoff last year.  Urban’s voice yelling “MAXIMUM CAPACITY” should resound through your soul as you read that…..along with fond memories of 85 yards through the heart of the South (S/O to Eleven Warriors for the apparel.)

I would argue that at the turn of every Fall season, we all feel a special tug at our hearts no matter if we are in Columbus or not. When Buckeye Football comes roaring back to life. This is because Buckeye Football makes us feel young again. Think back to your very first resounding Ohio State memory. Mine is the Penn State game back in 2000. It was pouring down rain the entire game and my mom and I were sitting in the south stands just soaking wet and quite miserable. We ended up leaving at half so that we could actually see what was happening in the game (and watched the rest at my aunt’s house)…but I do remember watching the game through the downpour thinking “this is what happiness is supposed to feel like.”

I, along with all Buckeyes, have profound memories of watching the Eleven Warriors, brave and bold. Football Saturdays were the only days my parents could ever get me to do all my chores before 8:30am. This way I would be able to watch College Gameday, and then watch my Buckeyes for those glorious three hours every Saturday in the fall. From watching the players walk into the stadium, to seeing the Best Damn Band In the Land, to all the camaraderie during a Football Saturday in Ol’ Columbus Town. That is what makes me feel young again.

Despite the countless times I have seen Script Ohio, or the drum major’s backbend, or Brutus going absolutely bonkers on the sidelines, I still get goosebumps and a profound sense of awe. Normally, it is new experiences that give you a sense of awe and a jolt of unmatched energy, such as the first time you rode a looping roller coaster. Buckeye Football succeeds at bringing back that awe and energy to an unmatched level, year after year.

The energy inside Ohio Stadium when one of the Buckeyes cross that goal line and we get the first 6 points of the year is impalpable. The passion from those fans and this great university is a reflection of the passion that has stretched from Woody Hayes, to Earle Bruce, to Jim Tressel, and now Urban Meyer. The underlying passion and energy that is shown for this program is not about individual players, but for what the program and university stands for. It is easy to show this passion each week for such a great university.

I asked some friends this question:  “What is the one thing you look forward to each and every Buckeye football season?” I got answers ranging from emojis (the Trophy Emoji…#DefendGr8ness), “winning”, tailgating, talk of being back with the boys, the stadium atmosphere, and one friend asked “How do you pick just one?”

The answer is that you can’t pick just one. There is too much tradition and excellence embedded in each Autumn Saturday on the banks of the Olentangy. That is what it is like to feel young again.

I recently found a song on Spotify Radio titled “Young Again” by an EDM artist (Joey Bosa would be proud) named Hardwell. He asks at one point “Will we ever feel young again?”

Well Mr. Hardwell, if you come on down to Columbus, OH. on the banks of the Olentangy at the shrine we call the Horseshoe…you’ll get your answer.

C’mon Buckeyes…today is the day we will feel young again.